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It’s nearing the end of summer.  Which means, we don’t have much more time to sport cut-off denim shorts.  So, take advantage of the weather and make your pair today!  I thrifted some jeans a couple of weeks ago to use for this project.  But, you could dig up any old pair from your closet and they would work perfectly!  Let’s get started!  I found my inspiration for it here.  Here is the supplies that you’ll need if you want to go the distressed denim route:

denim cut off supplies

Jeans, sandpaper, regular scissors, and sharp fabric scissors.

Once you have your supplies, then you will need to cut the jeans.  In the tutorial, Nadya recommends leaving the backs of the legs longer than the fronts to make sure certain parts don’t come out of your pants.  While I was cutting mine to length, I tried them on several times to make sure they were even and the right length.  I recommend doing this unless you have a fabric marker to use from the beginning with the correct measurements (I didn’t have one).  After they are cut to size, then you use your regular scissors to make the ends fringy and the sandpaper to rough them up.  Also, you can add a couple of holes and use sandpaper to rough them up as well.  Again, for an example look at Nadya’s blog.  I decided that with the certain pair of jeans I had, I’d go a different route.  So, I decided to roll up the bottoms into cuffs and iron them into place for a different look.

diy denim shorts

My finished shorts.

As you can see, they’re a little different from the ones I found in the original tutorial.  But, they work for me.  Also, there are several ways that you could finish them off.  I chose ironing.  But, you could use safety pins, sew them up, or try something else entirely.  How would you finish them?

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