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As a vegetarian, you may have been wondering how long it would take me to blog about veggie burgers.  Well, today you’re in for a treat!  I’m sharing my top five favorite veggie burgers to make.  Bonus, all of the recipes will be linked!!

The Top 5 Veggie Burgers You Will Ever Need

Top 5 Veggie Burgers You Will Ever Need

Number 1

Quinoa Burger.  I’ve been making this burger for years.  The way the ingredients all come together, especially the melty cottage cheese, is fabulous!  I make this frequently in large batches that MMR and I can heat up and eat on the go.  He likes to eat them with a hamburger bun.  Just give me a patty and a fork and I’m ready to go.  I’ve never been one for buns. 😉

Number 2

Sweet Potato Burger.  These were one of the first foods I cooked for my grandma.  Read about her here and here.  As totally new to the cooking world, I managed to pull these off.  (Much to everyone’s suprise) 😉 Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a total newbie, give these a try for a refreshing new take on this old favorite.

Number 3

Sweet Potato Quinoa Patties.  As you can see, this burger combines the two great things of number one and two listed above.  Quinoa is fantastic for a veggie burger because of all the protein it contains (Medical News Today).  So, if you can’t decide between trying number one or number two first, give this perfect combo a try.

Number 4

Sweet Potato Kale and Quinoa Fritters.  Technically, these aren’t burgers.  However, they look like burgers and taste a lot like some other veggie burgers I’ve had before so…Of course they make it into my top 5!!  I made these a lot over the summer with the kale my local CSA gave me.  As always, you can add a bun like MMR.  You could even throw some cheese and mayo on there if your heart so desires.  But, these babies are good all on their own.

Number 5

Kale and Quinoa Patties.  Now, you may know that I’m not the biggest fan of kale.  Honestly?  I hate it.  However, I gave this recipe a try over the summer with my kale abundance and it was DELICIOUS!  Guys, I hate kale.  And even I like it in this recipe (and the one above).  If you put it in burger form and fry it in some oil, it’s to die for!  Seriously, quinoa burgers can save even the most horrific leafy green veggies. 🙂


You may be wondering what to pair with your new tasty veggie burger menu.  Let me give you some suggestions!

Grown Up Tater Tots
Baked Onion Rings
Parmesan Baked Potatoes
Avocado Fries

These are all fabulous additions to any veggie burger meal.  Surprise your family and give them something different than the usual burger and fries fanfare we Americans are so well known for. 😉

What’s your favorite burger?

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