How I Uncluttered My Nest

How I Uncluttered My Nest

For those of you who don’t know my friend Lynn over at Nourish and Nestle, she led a competition this month to unclutter your home.  Maybe you remember her challenge from my post on A Free Way to Makeover Your Home.  Either way, I went to boot camp this month and you can really see a difference in my home.

Now, I don’t have a ton of beautiful home pictures, mainly because I’m not too happy with the apartment that I live in right now.  However, I’m not nearly as terrified of the next time I’ll be moving.  Guess how much clutter I donated/threw out/gave away this month?  Guess?!  Okay, I’ll tell you.  791 lbs.!!!!  Yes, you read that right.  I am from a small two person family.  I live in an apartment.  But, I had 791 lbs. of stuff that I wasn’t even using!  This whole challenge completely changed the way I view my belongings.  If I don’t need or have to have something, then I dump it.  Let me walk you through each room.

Craft Room

I donated approximately 32 lbs. of items from my craft room.  I also threw away about 230 lbs. of stuff.  Yes, 230 lbs.  Finally, I mailed 67 lbs. of photos (from my family photo project) that I had for my sibling.  This came to a total of 329 lbs. out of that room!

How I Uncluttered My Nest
This is my clutter-free craft room!


I donated 205 lbs. of items.  The majority of this was comprised of 150 lbs. of books.  I love books as much as any bookworm does.  But, that doesn’t mean I need to own a copy of every book I’ve ever read.  That’s essentially what I had been doing.  So, off to the book store with those! I threw away 30 lbs. of stuff.  I also mailed about 10 lbs. of photos and papers to various family members (from my family photo project).  This came to 245 lbs. total out of the study!

How I Uncluttered My Nest
These are from that infamous 150 lbs. stack of books I uncluttered.


I have two hall closets.  In these I found 5 lbs. of items to donate and 5 lbs. of things to throw away (such as expired dried goods).  This came to 10 lbs. out of the closets.


In the bedroom, hubby and I worked together.  We gathered 60 lbs. of clothing and shoes to donate as well as 20 lbs. of stuff to throw away.  This left us with another 80 lbs. out the door!

Living Room

In the living room, there wasn’t a whole lot to sort through.  So, I came up with 25 lbs. to donate (mainly books) and 2 lbs. to throw away.  This added another 27 lbs. to my grand total.


This is the last room in my apartment as there is no dining room.  I went through all of my items with such a fury as this was the last room I sorted.  I found 60 lbs. worth of cookware and other kitchen items to donate.  I also found 40 lbs. of items to throw away.  This added a final 100 lbs. to my grand total.

This is how I got rid of 791 lbs. of stuff in the month of January!  Now, I know that January is almost over and so is this challenge.  However, that doesn’t mean that those of you who haven’t started yet can’t do it whenever you want!  Check out Lynn’s site for a free calendar and room schedule as well as other printables.  If you haven’t uncluttered your home, DO IT NOW!  Trust me!  The reason this is one of my frugal posts is because of all the time and money it will save you.

I can’t express how much easier it is to walk through my home and find items now.  All of my craft supplies and cookware used to be buried under piles of unused pans and other things.  This led to purchasing multiple of the same item and a lot of lost time searching for things buried in the rubble.  Now, I only have the items that I need and can’t live without.  I can access everything I need to bake and craft SO MUCH MORE EASILY NOW!  Seriously!  Hubby is also ecstatic that now I don’t act like such a hoarder. 😉

What room in your home has the most clutter?

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17 thoughts on “How I Uncluttered My Nest

    1. Thank you! It feels so much nicer now. I don’t feel like I have to navigate rooms as carefully and I just have so much more space! 😀

  1. Hi Sweet Gina! I am so tickled with your 791 pounds! WOW! That is really quite impressive. Now I think I need to go find more stuff to get rid of.
    And we found that the majority of our clutter was in the form of paper and books as well! Now I’m working on keeping it from coming in at all.

    Thanks so much for featuring the boot camp…you are a doll.

    Hugs and Kisses for a great weekend.

    Lynn recently posted…DIY A Thick, Cozy, Chunky Knit Blanket…in one day!My Profile

    1. Thanks, Lynn! I was surprised that I had that much stuff to get rid of. It’s especially surprising because I just moved across the country and got rid of A LOT of stuff before that. Apparently my pack rat habits die hard. Haha! That’s a good idea to keep it from coming in to begin with. I’m taking a much longer time before I make any purchases now. No more giant bags of books for me! (We’ll see how long that lasts though..) You’re so welcome for the feature. It’s just such a fantastic program, I had to recommend it to as many people as possible!! <3 You have a great weekend too!

    1. Thanks, Mary! It’s so much fun!! You should really give it a try. I promise that once you start uncluttering, you’ll be addicted! It’s hard to stop! Haha! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! It does feel like that HUGE weight has been lifted. It’s like I was struggling to breathe before and didn’t even know it until I was able to finally breathe easily. 🙂

  2. Using pounds to describe what you removed really puts into perspective how much stuff we accumulate and do not need. Congrats on your new found freedom!

  3. WOW!!! This is awesome… So inspiring ! My nest is SUPER cluttered right now. I need to block time to get it done. Thanks for coming to LFEO, Your post will be featured there tomorrow.

    1. Thank you so much, Amanda! I wish that I’d weighed how much I got rid of before I moved. I can only imagine. My nest was REALLY cluttered then. I hope that you find the time to have a chance to unclutter yours. That’s why I loved this program with Lynn so much. She had a schedule to pace yourself. It worked great for me and it’s really flexible. Thank you so much for the feature!! I will check it out tomorrow. 🙂

    1. That is so impressive!!!! That’s a huge amount of clutter to get rid of. Congratulations! Weighing the clutter for me just made it feel like such a monumental accomplishment. But, you can measure it by van loads. I think that’s equally monumental!!

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