February Goals and A Winter in The Rocky Mountains

Monthly Goals

January Goals

  • Knit a pair of socks. Well, I started a pair of socks.  So, that’s progress!  I’ve realized that I’m too invested in other projects to add knitting as well right now.
  • Maintain having all content written and scheduled two days in advance.  Done!
  • Do the Unclutter Your Nest challenge. Click here to read about my experience.
  • Start working on an email opt-in. I have one in the works as we speak!  I’ll give you a hint: it’s a book.

I feel pretty good about everything that I accomplished in January.  This past month I also started working outside of the home again.  I’m a substitute teacher for the local school district.  I’m also continuing my online ESL tutoring.  So, it’s been a busy adjustment period for me.

February Goals

  • Finish 3/4 of my email opt-in.  Right now I have a set schedule to get everything finished by mid-March.  We’ll see if I can stick to that schedule.
  • Have posts scheduled a week in advance.
  • Redo my Pinterest.  I’m working on this right now.  I hope to finish by March.  It needs a lot of work.
  • Spend time with family. My brother in law is visiting with us for a week.  Also, it feels like I haven’t seen my family here in a really long time.  So, I’m making family time a priority this month.

I’m hoping to accomplish as much of these goals as I can by March.  Truthfully though, the most important one is the family time.  I’d really like to see more of my family here and spend more time with hubby.  It’s just no fun being in separate rooms.  We like hanging out together because we’re also best friends.  🙂

Rocky Mountain National Park

February Goals and The Rocky Mountains February Goals and The Rocky MountainsFebruary Goals and The Rocky Mountains

These are a few photos from my recent trip to The Rockies with my friend, Katie.  She visited me in January and we couldn’t pass up a trip to see the mountains.  The pictures can’t really do justice to the beauty of them.  But, I tried.  Enjoy!

I will be back with my series, The Things We Hide next Friday.  It’s just such a serious series that I thought we could use a little break to appreciate the mountains and do an accountability check-in. Also, the post I have planned for next Friday is something very hard for me to write about.

What are your goals for this month?


10 thoughts on “February Goals and A Winter in The Rocky Mountains

  1. Right on, Gina, on your January goal progress! What color are the socks that you’re knitting? I tried to take up knitting…a couple of times. Your photos of the Rockies are beautiful. It looks and sounds like you had a good trip. Good for you! I am looking forward to reading your next installment of The Things We Hide. Good luck on your Feb. goals…especially hanging with family!
    Regina L. L. Wells recently posted…15 Cutest Umbrellas and Rain CoatsMy Profile

    1. They’re brown socks. It’s taken me years to be able to keep up with knitting. I always took it up for one project a year and then would wait a year or more to knit something else. It was really hard and I had to relearn how to do it every time. Haha! Thank you! The Rockies are so gorgeous this time of year. I’m glad that you can see it through my photos. It was so cold that day though! The new installment of The Things We Hide is up today. You should go check it out! 🙂

  2. Gina, love to see you took a little time out and took a trip to the Rockies, I appreciate you sharing it with us, your photos are gorgeous!

    Your knitted socks can wait for another day, they’ll wait for you, promise. I love your goals and that you are holding yourself accountable. But I love even more that you’re putting family and Ethan them first, that’s so important. Can’t wait to see your project, excited. Xx

    1. Thanks, Nikki! It was such a fun trip, even if we were lost for most of it. 😉 Haha! Those days driving around aimlessly with friends and running from the cold are what I will always remember.
      You’re so right. Those socks will be there in that bag. One day I’ll get back to them. Thanks so much! I’ve only discovered this past year how great accountability can be. I’ve been sticking to the family goal pretty well this month and I’m loving every minute of it. My brother in law is here and as I type this I can hear several members of the family playing video games in the other room. Haha! We’re making some pretty fabulous memories that will outweigh how cool those hand-knitted socks are. I can’t wait to reveal my project! I’m closing in on the final few steps!! 😀

  3. That you and “MMR” are also best friends warms my cold heart. And you know, Gina, maybe the family time you talk about is something I should take seriously — like coming to visit you!! Miss your wonderful presence. <3

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I don’t think your heart is that cold. 😉 Family time is something that I hadn’t taken seriously for a long time. I’ve only recently discovered how important it is. This week has been fantastic with family members here. I’ve been able to spend so much time with family that I don’t want it to end. I would love if you came to visit me. I’d help you find time in your schedule and plan all sorts of fun things for us to do. I miss your presence too! You are my closest genetic match after all. 😉

  4. Beautiful pics from your Rockie trip Gina! I’m with you on celebrating “steps in moving towards goals” in our crazy busy-everything-calling-for-our-attention-daily lives! 🙂 My friends and I started doing a little hands in the air “Yah!!! whenever we get anything done…even getting out of beds works for me!!! Thanks for always being real…love your posts!
    Michelle Marttila recently posted…Coffee Sign: We have a Winner!My Profile

    1. Thank you, Michelle! You’re right, it’s such an accomplishment to make any and all progress in our chaotic lives. I like your hands in the air celebration. I might have to start doing that. We’ll see how long it takes hubby to think I’ve lost my mind. 😉 You’re so sweet!

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