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Exciting Family Christmas Traditions

Every family has their Christmas traditions.  Whether it’s decorating the tree or baking cookies, there’s always something that makes Christmas feel special.  When I was younger our traditions included baking cookies, decorating the tree together, opening a present on Christmas Eve, going to the late mass on Christmas Eve, writing letters to Santa and sending them to him through the fireplace, reading The Polar Express and watching “The Santa Clause.”  These were things that I expected every year as a child.  They made the season magical and were what made it feel like Christmas.  As you can expect, a lot of these traditions fell by the wayside as I grew older.  In fact, I don’t remember doing most of these the first Christmas without my mom.  The Polar Express was her favorite Christmas book and so without her to read it, what was the point?  Also, “The Santa Clause” was a movie she loved, so we forgot about it.  As you can imagine, I stopped writing letters to Santa.  My dad’s never been a baker, so there were a few years without baking cookies.  But, even though these childhood family traditions fell by the wayside, I’ve discovered ways to create new ones.  So, to date here are my Exciting Family Christmas Traditions!

Watching “The Santa Clause”

I’m not a huge Tim Allen fan.  In fact, this movie is downright cheesy at some points.  But, this was something I rediscovered from my childhood.  I started watching it by myself every holiday season.  Recently MMR and I watch it together every year.  I don’t think he’s a huge fan of the movie.  However, he’s agreed that it’s a holiday tradition for us.  It’s something that restores that childlike wonder of the holidays for me and it’s something my mom introduced me to.  So, it’s happy way to remember her on the holidays.  It’s a pretty cute movie. 😉

Baking Cookies

I don’t always bake cookies with the same person.  At first, I baked with a family friend.  Then I baked with my grandma.  Now, I can’t bake with those people anymore so I’ve been baking alone for the most part.  Also, now that I know how to bake I no longer need supervision. 😉 Baking Christmas cookies is something that’s fun to do with others, but now I don’t mind doing it by myself while listening to Christmas carols.  Although, that’s not to say I can’t think of a few people who would love to come over and eat while I bake.  One of the recipes I always make is actually a regional specialty for Ohio, they’re called Buckeyes.  Technically it’s candy not a cookie.  It’s a deliciously cold chocolate dipped ball of peanut butter.  I’ll post the recipe on here if anyone is interested.

Decorating the Tree

This is something I used to do with my family.  In fact last year the hubby and I decorated the tree we had together.  Although, this year we don’t have room for a real tree.  So, I decorated a couple of table trees like the one pictured above while he was at work.  Once we get a big tree again I know it’ll be a tradition for the two of us.

Opening a Present on Christmas Eve

This is something that I did as a child and I’ve continued it with MMR.  We’re like little kids the night before Christmas.  I always have to convince him that midnight on Christmas doesn’t count as Christmas morning.  So, we open one present on Christmas Eve night every year.


It’s a holiday after all, so that means it’s time for tofurkey!  Read about my experience making it for Thanksgiving here.  Previously, my sister or my grandma always made it.  But, I’m planning on making some more tofurkey myself this holiday season.  Wish me luck!


This is going to be a new tradition this year.  But, MMR always had coffeecake on Christmas morning.  This will be our first Christmas without his mom’s coffeecake.  So, I’m going to attempt some on my own.  Here’s the recipe I plan on using: Gingerbread Quinoa Coffeecake.  Doesn’t it sound delicious?

This will be our first Christmas in Colorado and away from home.  We’ll see what other traditions start this year.  But, for now this is our list of family Christmas traditions that make the season special.

What are your exciting family Christmas traditions?

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