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It’s a new week.  That means it’s time to see what was in my bag this week! 🙂  Here is my bag for the week:

CSA Vegetables and Dishes (Week 6)

There are 2 cucumbers, 8 tomatoes, a bunch of dill, 2 peppers, 1 squash, and 2 onions.

As you can see, the bag held quite a diverse amount of produce this week.  I haven’t used any of the veggies in my dishes yet.  So, here is my plan for the week:

Cucumbers – a half batch of this pickle recipe.

Update!: The pickle recipe was a hit.  I give it 5 stars!!

Dill – a half batch of the same pickle recipe.

Tomatoes – frozen for this soup.

Peppers – sautéed and served with spaghetti.

Squash – sautéed and served with spaghetti.

Onions – half as onion rings and half sautéed and served with spaghetti.

Like I said, I haven’t cooked any of these veggies yet.  That is because I’ve been baking up a storm the past couple of days.  The imminence of fall has made me in a baking mood.  So, now I’ll share those recipes with you.

CSA Vegetables and Dishes (Week 6)

Granola Recipe

Pumpkin Bites Recipe

Zucchini Brownie Recipe

The English Muffin Bread was a recipe from an old cookbook.  I’m sorry I don’t have a link for it.  However, click here for a more herb and cheese filled version.  🙂  Get baking and enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board here for some more great recipes.

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