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Here we are at day two of coupon school.  Last week we talked about organization and your homework was to get your coupon binder together.  Do you have your coupon binder all set up?  I hope the answer is yes!  For those of you with your binders (or files) at the ready, today we will be talking about the different kinds of coupons that there are.  Everyone picked up their coupons last week, yes?  If you have your newspaper coupons we will start there.  Newspapers have flyers for different stores and they also have coupon inserts (Smart Source, Red Plum, and P&G).  The coupon inserts have mostly “manufacturer coupons.”  It will say “manufacturer coupon” at the top of the coupon, if that is indeed what it is.  Manufacturer coupons are accepted at any store, assuming that the store accepts coupons (there are some that don’t, such as Aldi’s).  If it is not a manufacturer coupon then it will say something like “Target coupon” or “CVS coupon.”  It will be a “store-specific coupon” that is only accepted at the stated retailer.  Target usually has these in the weekly newspaper in their ads.  You’ll find them in other ads as well from Walgreens to Kohl’s.  Now, another way to refer to these is as “paper coupons.”

We’re in a digital age, which brings us to “digital coupons.”  (They may also be referred to as “ecoupons.”)  Several stores have apps now available for download and these include digital coupons that you don’t need to print out.  For example: I regularly use the King Soopers app to download coupons that will then be directly loaded to my card.  Once I swipe my King Soopers store card, the coupons will be read and applied at the end of my order.  PAY ATTENTION: at stores like King Soopers, the digital coupons don’t pop up until you hit the “pay now” button.  So, do not panic when the coupon doesn’t pop up right after an item is scanned.  THAT IS NORMAL.  Trust me.

We also have internet printable coupons.  These are coupons that you can print off and clip to use in the store.  Some sites will send you emails with these, as will some companies.  Right now, I regularly get emails from Silk and Earthbound Farms that contain coupons.  There are several other companies that will also email you coupons.  Target is well known for having their own printable coupons on their website.  These are “Target coupons” like the ones we talked about above.  We won’t get into store specific coupon policies today, so just remember to keep your coupon categories straight.  Other sites I’ve used of or heard of to print coupons are,,grocerycouponnetwork.comand (On the walmart website you have to search “coupons” and it will load coupons for your area.  Each site has zip code specific coupons so YMMV, your miles may vary.)  Note: printable coupons have limits (usually 2 prints) per device or account.  I have several different devices that I print off of (computer, phone, tablet).  So, if you are interested in printing a lot of coupons then I suggest using the websites on your computer and the apps (Grocery iQ and Coupons) on your devices to get more prints.

Finally, this brings us to the coupons you will find in store.  Ever see a coupon on a product that you can just peel off?  Those are called “peelies.”  I love those because a lot of times they have long expiration dates.  Some people feel inclined to peel all of the coupons off and not buy the products.  Don’t be one of those people, it’s rude to those who do coupon and buy the product.  Next we have “hang tags” which are the coupons that are secured with some kind of string to the product and hang from it.  Same etiquette applies here as does to the peelies.  We also have “blinkies” which are in those boxes that blink in the middle of an aisle that are full of coupons.  It’s like buried treasure!  You may also find a “tearpad” in your store.  These are the stacks of coupons which you literally tear the top one off.  Finally, you may find yourself face to face with a “catalina.”  Those are the coupons that print out next to your receipt when you purchase certain items.

RP – Red Plum insert
SS – Smart Source insert
P&G – Procter & Gamble insert
MQ – manufacturer coupon
Q – coupon
DQ – digital/downloadable coupon
IP – internet printable coupon
TQ – Target coupon
blinkie – in store
TP – tearpad
hang tag – on product
peelie – on product
CAT – catalina
YMMV – your miles may vary

coupon examples

Here are some examples, labelled in blue.

coupon examples

Here are some examples, labelled in red.

As you can see, there are many different types of coupons.  I hope that now you feel a little more confident about your knowledge of the coupon types.  Refer to these pictures for examples of each type mentioned in this post.  (There are no internet printable coupons pictured.)


  • Clip your coupons.
  • Buy coupons on Sunday.
  • Scout your favorite store for these different types of coupons (tearpads, hang tags, peelies, blinkies, etc.) and make a mental note of where to find them (or an actual note).
  • Sort your clipped coupons and put them in your organized binder.

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