Foraging 101 Class Tripfeatured

Foraging I mentioned recently that I was going to give foraging a try.  Well, I finally did!  Yesterday I went to my first foraging class and came home with some greens and a bunch of great notes.  Today, I’ll share them with you! The Basics There is a lot of delicious food growing all over Read more

Spicy, Savory Mixed Greens Chipsfeatured

Leafy Greens Around here, we get a lot of leafy greens.  Thanks to our CSA, we have more than we know what to do with.  I’m not much of a salad person myself, and MMR can only eat so many salads himself.  So, once i make as many quiches as I can, then I have Read more


Morning Meditation For An Open Mindfeatured

Meditation A lot of people have recommended meditation to me over the years.  It’s something that is becoming more and more popular.  Yet, I was a little hesitant to try it.  Sitting alone with just my thoughts?  Doesn’t exactly sound like a good time to me.  But, I gave it a try and I can Read more


My Rookie Homesteader Libraryfeatured

Libraries You know that I love libraries.  They’re full of possibilities and everything good.  I worked at a local library for a while if you remember.  And now I work at a local bookstore.  Books are one of my favorite things.  So, it only makes sense that I would start building a homesteader library full Read more


Lavender Vanilla Scones With An Orange Glazefeatured

Scones You know I love a good scone.  I’ve been making them for years.  Some I like are this one and the ones here.  They’re a perfect snack whether savory or sweet to have with tea, for dessert, or any time of day.  So, I had an idea for a new sweet scone and tried it Read more


Starting to Forage for Food And Fun: The Researchfeatured

Foraging When you hear the word “homesteading” you may think “growing your own food.”  However, foraging is also a fantastic way to fill the table!  I’ve been fascinated with the skill how to forage for food for a couple of years now.  Seeing the delicious and nutritious foods growing right up around your feet is Read more

Can Flea Markets Change Your Life?featured

Flea Markets I’m sure you’ve heard of flea markets before, maybe you’ve even been to one.  Personally, I only went to a few flea markets when I lived in Ohio that were all sub par.  And until last weekend, I never went to one in Colorado.  All of that changed and I never want to Read more

Adventures in Baking: Bagel Breadfeatured

Baking Bread I’ve been baking bread for a few years now.  However, I haven’t been using any of the flour from my new grain mill to make loaves of bread.  My friend and I decided to conduct an experiment involving three loaves of bread.  She, her boyfriend and I all baked different loaves of bread Read more


Putting The Finishing Touches On Your Vision Boardfeatured

Vision Board You may remember my post from last week about “assembling your vision board.”  Well, today is the day to finish it!  Really quick, we’ll review what you’ve done so far.  You have selected several magazines and photos that picture your ideal future.  Already you have cut these out and organized them into three Read more