Make Your First Tincture, Sleep-Aiding Valerianfeatured

Tinctures A few weeks ago I wrote about starting my herbal remedy cabinet.  There are all kinds of herbs perfect for teas and tinctures in there.  So, I decided to make my first tincture a couple of weeks ago.  What did I choose?  Valerian! Valerian Using the books I have on different herbs, I figured Read more


Easy Cheesy Bean Dip With Homemade Pita Breadfeatured

Comfort Food Yesterday morning I woke to the first snowfall of the season.  I had to dig my car out of half a foot of snow!  Snowy weather means a lot of things to me, but most of all it means comfort food.  Those warm meals and snacks that are full of yummy goodness!  So, Read more


Finding New Family Traditions With Jewish Bakingfeatured

Family Baking Traditions My family doesn’t have a lot of baking traditions.  Of course, my Dad has always made pizza.  My mom always made buckeyes and a few other Christmas cookies.  And my grandma?  She was a box mix kind of gal.  As you can tell, I’m not quite like my parents.  I even grind Read more


Squash Fall Recipes That Call For Pumpkinfeatured

Squash On The Menu Fall is in full swing in this part of the world.  That means there are pumpkin flavored foods and drinks everywhere you turn.  However, for those of you choosing a local farm to supply your groceries…you may have more than just pumpkins.  The squash is abundant this year.  Just the other Read more


Seasonal Fun For The Whole Family This Fallfeatured

Fall Festivities Fall is a great time for families everywhere.  The weather is turning cooler which means more time inside spent together!  I know I sure hustle inside when I’m out at night here in the mountains.  Lately, I’ve even been wearing my winter coat!  Whether you’re inside or outside to enjoy the season, there Read more


Why You Need To Dehydrate Excess Greensfeatured

Leafy Greens Greens are one of the most versatile things you can get from your garden or farm.  They can make salads, chips , quiche, wraps, sautees, or you can even throw them in smoothies.  But, what do you do when you have too many leafy greens to handle?  Dehydrate! Dehydrating Food I’ve dehydrated a few Read more


Healing Better With An Herbal Remedy Cabinetfeatured

Herbal Remedies Humans have been using herbs for healing purposes about as long as they’ve used them for flavor in cooking.  Herbal remedies are part of folklore in just about every culture.  You may remember your grandmother telling you to have a peppermint after eating to ease digestion.  Or maybe someone suggested you try a Read more


Milling Food For Your Amazing Winter Pantryfeatured

Milling Food Last week I talked about how I was canning food for winter.  I mentioned milling it in a food mill rather than using a sieve.  Let me tell you, it is a game-changer!  It’s like when I got my salad spinner all over again!  But even better!  When we used the sieve for Read more


Winter Is Coming. Stock Up Your Pantry!featured

Stocking Up Harvest season is in full swing here in the mountains!  I just stopped by the farmer’s market today and they are overflowing with squash, tomatoes and corn.  So many delicious vegetables falling out of every basket!  The past few weeks I’ve been hunting down a few things with a plan in mind.  It’s Read more


Garlic Green Beans On The Side, Please!featured

Green Beans This year at the farm has been great for certain crops.  One of those is green beans.  A couple of weeks ago I went out bean picking with Karl and another volunteer.  We picked beans for around 2 hours and still there were more ripe on the bush!  A week later, they came Read more