Herrle Homestead Candle Shop Open For Business!featured

Herrle Homestead I recently talked on here about the establishing of Herrle Homestead, my new business.  For the beginning of this company we are selling homemade candles.  Today is the opening day of our shop!  We are officially open for business, folks!  To start out we have over 30 handcrafted soy wax candles.  Several of Read more


Easy Baked Tofu And Red Potato Friesfeatured

Baked Meals I think that baking is very under-utilized in my kitchen.  I love to bake as you may know from these various baked recipes.  However, when making dinner it never comes to mind to just stick it in the oven.  So, MMR and I decided to taste the difference between tofu baked in the Read more


Herrle Homestead, More Than Just A Businessfeatured

Herrle Homestead I have some exciting news!  MMR and I started a business!  It is called Herrle Homestead LLC!  This is an exciting and terrifying time in our lives.  Herrle Homestead is more than a business endeavor for us, it’s our whole way of life.  This business will help us get our dream homestead and Read more


Sourdough Starter And A Superb Sandwichfeatured

Sourdough You know I love bread.  So, it’s no surprise that I’m intrigued by sourdough.  This type of bread has been around for a very long time.  It’s essentially made with wild yeast.  In theory, all you need to make it is flour and water.  Once it sits long enough to acquire yeast, then you’re Read more


Your Seeds Need Grow Lights To Germinate!featured

Germinating Seeds If you’re growing plants for any purpose, you may have heard of this term: “germination.”  Google defines it as “development of a plant from a seed or spore after a period of dormancy.”  Basically it’s turning your seeds into those little sprouts you want to see popping out of the soil.  Some plants Read more


Red Potato Fries: A Drool Worthy Side Dishfeatured

Potatoes You know by now that I’m crazy about potatoes.  They’re one of my favorite foods and yes I do eat just potatoes for whole meals all the time occasionally.  😉  Click here or here to see other potato favorites.  MMR and I have eaten a lot of regular old Idaho and golden potatoes.  This month Read more

Mullein Tea: To Your Health!featured

Wild Greens You may remember that last week I went to a foraging class.  We learned about a few different plants: mullein, thistle, dandelion, slippery dock, lambs quarter, and purple mountain orach.  In class we made a pesto with the greens that was delicious on crackers.  Later at home, I made tea with the mullein. Read more


Foraging 101 Class Tripfeatured

Foraging I mentioned recently that I was going to give foraging a try.  Well, I finally did!  Yesterday I went to my first foraging class and came home with some greens and a bunch of great notes.  Today, I’ll share them with you! The Basics There is a lot of delicious food growing all over Read more

Spicy, Savory Mixed Greens Chipsfeatured

Leafy Greens Around here, we get a lot of leafy greens.  Thanks to our CSA, we have more than we know what to do with.  I’m not much of a salad person myself, and MMR can only eat so many salads himself.  So, once i make as many quiches as I can, then I have Read more