Would You Like Croutons With That Salad?featured

Spring Salad A couple of weeks ago, I shared my recipe for salad dressing.  Well, today we’re going to step up our salad game a little more with croutons.  Salads are everywhere.  Personally, I’ve been eating one a day on average (as has MMR).  There are so many spring greens popping up that it’s hard to Read more


A Simple Spring Salad With Easy Homemade Dressingfeatured

Spring Salad Spring is in the air!  Finally!  After a late snowstorm last week, I thought it would never get here.  Through my CSA membership at Green Dog Farms, I’ve been kept pretty full of veggies over the months.  Now that Spring is here, that means greens.  Lots and lots of greens.  As many salads Read more


Not All Dirt Is Good Dirtfeatured

Dirt When learning about growing plants, one of the first things you’ll hear about is dirt.  Some people live in lands with soil composed mainly of clay, some have sand.  Others even have that highly sought after dark loamy soil which is the envy of every farmer and gardener alike.  Last year when I planted Read more


The Feast Nearby And The Comfort Of Cookiesfeatured

The Feast Nearby Like local eating?  You know I do!  This is about a book that I bought from work recently.  All sorts of people write about their lives every day.  I do in a journal whenever I can.  But, some people have stories that draw you in.  This was one of those stories. The Story This book Read more


Spring Planting And Toning Up Musclesfeatured

Spring Planting A lot of you may be getting your plants outside to enjoy the warmer weather.  It’s warming up and after a freak snowstorm last week, I think winter is finally done.  If you have the space, it’s important to get plants outside where they can get the fresh air and circulation their little Read more


Snack On Sourdough Pretzels And Easy Cheese Dipfeatured

Sourdough Snacks I’ve been baking sourdough creations like crazy over here.  Ever since I made my own starter and got it working, I want to try all of the sourdough things.  So, last week MMR and I made sourdough pretzels.  Well, what’s a soft pretzel without cheese dip?  Nothing!  So, here it goes! Sourdough Pretzels Read more


5 Ways To Recharge Your Batteries And Relaxfeatured

Recharging If you use a phone or other electronic device too much the battery dies.  That’s what happens when something runs nonstop.  People are no different.  We run around day after day constantly filling our hours with activities.  There never seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done.  I feel that Read more

Earth Day Festivities, Fun And Farm Babiesfeatured

Earth Day You may remember that Earth Day was last weekend.  It totally snuck up on me as I was preoccupied with a lot of different things.  Mainly I was distracted by Herrle Homestead and our first orders! 🙂 Also, I had family in town staying with us.  They were the ones that happened to Read more


Herrle Homestead Candle Shop Open For Business!featured

Herrle Homestead I recently talked on here about the establishing of Herrle Homestead, my new business.  For the beginning of this company we are selling homemade candles.  Today is the opening day of our shop!  We are officially open for business, folks!  To start out we have over 30 handcrafted soy wax candles.  Several of Read more