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Starting to Forage for Food And Fun: The Researchfeatured

Foraging When you hear the word “homesteading” you may think “growing your own food.”  However, foraging is also a fantastic way to fill the table!  I’ve been fascinated with the skill how to forage for food for a couple of years now.  Seeing the delicious and nutritious foods growing right up around your feet is Read more


Foods I Don’t Allow in My Home And Their Substitutesfeatured

Food You know that I love writer Michael Pollan and all of his advice about what to eat.  “Don’t eat food like substances.” This is one of my favorite pieces of advice and I’ve taken it to heart whether intentionally or not the past few years.  There are some things that I simply won’t allow Read more

Starting To Grow My Own Food Indoorsfeatured

Growing Food I’ve been experimenting in growing my own food for years.  There have been several failed tomato plants and pots of basil.  However, this year I decided to kick things up a notch.  I decided to go for it and plant seeds in the hope of growing my own food.  Click here to read more about Read more

Food Day: Eat Realfeatured

Some of you may know that Food Day 2015 is coming up.  For those of you who don’t, let me tell you a little bit about it.  Food Day focuses on eating a real and sustainable diet.  What does that mean?  It means cutting down on processed foods and eating more whole foods like grains Read more


Foraging 101 Class Tripfeatured

Foraging I mentioned recently that I was going to give foraging a try.  Well, I finally did!  Yesterday I went to my first foraging class and came home with some greens and a bunch of great notes.  Today, I’ll share them with you! The Basics There is a lot of delicious food growing all over Read more


My Rookie Homesteader Libraryfeatured

Libraries You know that I love libraries.  They’re full of possibilities and everything good.  I worked at a local library for a while if you remember.  And now I work at a local bookstore.  Books are one of my favorite things.  So, it only makes sense that I would start building a homesteader library full Read more


Karl’s Harvest Vegetable Soupfeatured

Beating The Cold You may be wondering where I went for so long.  I disappeared right before giving you hint at my next post.  My post finishing up my vision board will be next to come.  But, today an explanation and a recipe. I’ve been sick.  At first I thought I was okay and just Read more