Read With Me By Joining My Book Club!featured

Book Clubs Remember how I said that I love clubs last week?  Well, I really meant it.  In fact, last month I started a book club with some friends and MMR.  We read The Art of Racing in The Rain.  So, let’s talk a little bit more about book clubs and why you should join this one. 🙂 Why Read more


Lessons From Inside The Library / What You Ought To Know About The Libraryfeatured

The Library Now, you all know that I love the library.  I even started working at one a few months ago!  It’s my favorite place for so many reasons.  Check out the above linked post to see why.  Through my time at the library, I’ve learned a few different things that I thought I’d pass along. Read more


What Crafts Are On Your Bucket List?featured

Lists As you know, I’ve been obsessed with goals lately.  And what are lists other than goals?  I make to do lists every day with things I want to accomplish.  But, another type of list that I’ve been binge reading on blogs are bucket lists.  There are so many different kinds depending on age, season and all sorts of other Read more


Make Something Rad with Radishes!featured

Why Radishes Are Rad I think that radishes are the unsung hero of the farmer’s market.  Last year when I became a fanatic about CSA programs, I ate radishes for the first time.  Yes, I was one of those children that refused to eat anything other than chicken nuggets and pizza.  In adulthood, I’ve tried to Read more

Challenge Yourself And Join My Writing Clubfeatured

Writing Club Have you ever been in a club?  I have!  But, really.  In high school, I spent all my time in different clubs: drama club, key club, NHS, Setting Stone (a magazine) and Yearbook, among many others.  This past month, I realized that clubs are something that I’ve been missing A LOT!  Why aren’t Read more


Budget Check-in: How Is My Budget Working?featured

My Budget I wrote on here a few months ago about my new budget and how to stay on track.  I’ve also been a bit obsessed with financial goals.  Today, I’m going to tell you about how my budget is really going. What Life Has Really Been Like To be truthful, life has been insane these past few Read more


What Is The Purpose of A Yard Sale?featured

What Is A Yard Sale? If you’ve ever been in the U.S. during summertime, you’ve seen this wonderful phenomenon.  Now that it’s summer, it’s time for yard sale season!  According to Google, the definition of a yard sale is “a garage sale.”  But, that doesn’t say much.  So here’s my definition:  A yard  sale is Read more

Fantastic Fried Rice in 15 Minutes!featured

Fancy Fried Rice Who doesn’t like fried rice?  I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t love the classic side dish.  What is so great about fried rice is that it’s so versatile, you can personalize it however you want.  To most Americans fried rice seems like something that you can only get at an Read more

Why Are Goals Important?featured

Why Create A Goal? I’m a little bit obsessed with goals at the moment.  So, you’ll forgive me for making two posts about them in the same week. 😉 Like I said in my post on financial goals yesterday, goals matter.  They keep you moving forward and give you something to work towards.  You achieve what you Read more


What Are Your Financial Goals And How Are You Achieving Them?featured

Why Financial Goals Matter Everyone has heard of somebody’s financial goals.  Whether you’re listening to your parents drone on about their 401K or what investments to make or you heard your friend talk about saving up for a car, someone is planning a financial move.  So why do they matter?  Well, there are a lot Read more

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